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"A remarkable street-level portrayal of a historic clash between freedom and anti-freedom"


About Us

Outstanding Film Production

Our team is made up of Yemen’s most established, award-winning filmmakers - from experienced fixers to Oscar nominated directors. We combine know-how and vision with local access and expertise. Our dream is to foster Yemen's culture in the most challenging of times and preserve the essence of it's past and present through film.

Learning & Innovation

All the freelancers we work with have taken part in our training workshops (in documentary, fiction, animation and more), ensuring that they adhere to our quality and ethical standards of filmmaking. Through our trainings, we try to meet another important objective: to promote the next generation of Yemeni filmmakers.

The Heart of Yemen’s Film Network

Over the last 6 years, we have trained and collaborated with some of Yemen's most exciting new talent, amassing an unrivalled, burgeoning network of freelance media professionals from across the country.

Authentic & Independent

The ground upon which we stand is our perspective. We are a group of Yemeni film professionals who have always aimed to shed light on the most pressing issues our country faces. We are not attached to any state institutions, political factions or receive funding from any other stakeholders.

Our Services

Film Production

We offer a range of film production services from online media content, video campaigns, infographics and animation to long form documentary and fiction. We offer package services as well as pre/post production services separately. Whatever filming access or skillset required in Yemen, we can provide it.


We run film training workshops at our location in Sana'a. Workshops we have offered to date include: 2-week Documentary Filmmaking Intensive, 2-week Fiction Filmmaking Intensive, Storytelling through Creative Editing, Pre-Production & Producing Skills. We will soon be expanding our curriculum to include Screenwriting and Extensive Post-Production.


A day with a Yemeni mobile phone

March 19, 2018

Youth in the shadow of war

March 19, 2018

BBC Our World: Funeral Bombing

August 4, 2017


July 19, 2017


July 2, 2017

Waiting for Justice

January 19, 2017

You’re A Nation – Methal

November 18, 2016

Yemen’s Fight Club (AJ+)

November 3, 2016


In 2015, we collaborated with #SupportYemen and the British Council to launch Comra Documentary Film Camp with the vision of equipping aspiring filmmakers in war-torn Yemen with the skills to document the events around them and convey their stories to the world. Following its success, we ran more workshops on fiction filmmaking, editing, post-production and more. Follow us on Social Media for upcoming training announcements!


We’ve Worked With..

The Team

Sara Ishaq

Film Director / Producer

Sara Ishaq is an Oscar nominated filmmaker who decided to turn her focus to filmmaking in 2010 after a post-graduation job with the BBC and so pursued an MFA in Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh. In 2011, she began documenting the unfolding popular uprising in Sana’a, Yemen, and went on to make the critically acclaimed documentaries Karama Has No Walls (2012) - the first Yemeni film to be nominated for an Academy Award, and award-winning feature doc, The Mulberry House. As an independent filmmaker, Sara collaborated with several independent filmmakers, organisations and media outlets internationally since 2011. She has served as a jury member for film festivals such as BBC Aan Korb and BFI London Film Festival; she co-founded the Yemen-based media collective #SupportYemen in 2011. She is currently developing her first feature fiction film.

Yousra Ishaq

Film Co-ordinator / Producer

Yousra is film producer based in Sana’a, Yemen. She holds a B.Sc. degree in business administration and entrepreneurship from UUM University and received courses in Strategic Communications. Over the past 5 years, she has produced documentaries for various local & international organizations and media outlets, such as the BBC and PBS, focusing on conflict, post-conflict societies, humanitarian, and people in need. Prior to co-founding Comra, she worked as a project coordinator and line producer for leading Yemeni and international media outlets such as Afro1, #SupportYemen, Innovia House,Moby Media Group and others. Her distinguished communications skills, professionalism and impeccable production skills have allowed her to deliver excellent substance to her client’s objectives.

Osama Khaled

Film Director / Creative Supervisor

Osama Khaled is a filmmaker based in Sana’a, Yemen. With an academic background as a graduate of the Faculty of Information at the University of Sana'a as well as over 5 years of experience in graphic design, film production and directing. Osama was one of the main film directors and editors at Afro1 Productions, where he created a number of short documentary films during one of Yemen's most critical times of war and conflict. Weddings into Funerals; We Want to Live!; Waiting for Justice are among the short documentaries that he created to document the voices of victims of the war in Yemen. Osama is currently developing a sci-fi feature film called The Helmet.

Abdurahman Hussain

Film Director / Producer

Abdurahman Hussein (aka Afro) is an award-winning filmmaker. During his study of Graphic Design in Sana’a, Afro realised his passion for filmmaking. He went on to get a Filmmaking diploma from world renowned film school, La Femis. For the past five years, he has produced high caliber documentary video content through his former production company Afro1 and creatively directed video campaigns for International organizations and corporations. Abdurahman gained recognition in the field as Assistant Director on the Oscar Nominated film, Karama Has No Walls. In 2011, Abdurahman co-founded the media collective #SupportYemen.

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